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The Four Freedoms Congress A Book

Freedom of speech
Freedom of worship
Freedom from want
Freedom from fear

Future historians will ask themselves why the USA did set the world on fire with presidents like George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush,  Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Trump. The answer they may find could be that they were completely dominated by the Military-Industrial Complex.Eisenhower warned in his departing speech on January 17, 1971 against the great danger of the size and importance of the Military-Industrial Complex.. They drive the world to the very brink of extinction while all the time peace is at hand. Russia has three times asked for peace through its application to become member of NATO.

Continental Europe counts 50 nations and has seen more than 50 wars since the French Revolution. The technology to destroy can make a future war the end of Europe and the world. My book advocates the 50 nations of Europe to form a society for peace by implementing the vision of F. D. Roosevelt and his Four Freedoms. 

Enduring peace in Europe may be found by instituting a Congress for all 50 countries of Europe. The Congress is targeted at peace and security in Europe. This is makeable, doable and costs initially per European average only € 24,75 per person per year. Just think about it. The 50 countries send one delegate per one million of their own national inhabitants to regular FFC meetings. The delegates to FFC must be chosen delegates in their own parliament.

Nations respect each other’s culture and history and concentrate on peace, security and wellbeing. The Congress abstains from interfering in each other’s government or lifestyle. All countries and even churches1 of all beliefs have had or still have their dark side. The Netherlands for instance have contributed seriously to the slave trade and have maltreated and exploited their colonies east and west in a terrible way. Who throws the first stone? This FFC is about the future for our children, about here and now and tomorrow and about peace, no more no less.

Seven big countries of Europe house 65% of the total population of Europe, pay 70% of the costs and form together the presidium of FFC. The Congress is a gathering of independent nations and will not become a supra national entity. Think rather of FIFA, of IOC, of OSCE.

Fairly recent history shows that no country has been attacking or threatening the USA while the USA, reluctantly assisted by NATO countries, has  attacked and devastated a string of other non-aggressive countries. The USA have no use for peace, of course not. The Military-Industrial Complex makes fortunes on an unbelievable budget. They want to keep it that way. It is imperative that there is a distinctive threat of war in order to uphold the fantastic budget. .There are now wars or acts of war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. And lastly there are preparations for all-out war against Russia in Rumania and Poland with sophisticated rocket installations

Last creative move Donald Trump sold an avalanche of military hardware to the sheiks. What are they going to do with that. What is going to happen. Will NATO partners be affected, will they be drawn into new hostilities? Are they partners; they seem to be more like satellite countries like the countries of the former Warsaw Pact.

Think about our children and grandchildren. The future of their world is at stake and their peace is our responsibility. FFC is a distinct possibility. Peace is possible. Totally unbelievable would you not think? Read my book Four Freedoms Congress, a book about peace.


About the author:

Mr.  Harry  W. Ten Holter studied law and economics at the University
of Utrecht, The Netherlands.  From 1960 till 2000 he worked as an
international practising trial lawyer. He has been active in the
Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. During the
eighties and nineties he was also active in Russia and Iraq.

1) Exclusion, persecution and banishment of Jews and Moors, setback of women, invention of slavery, crusades, inquisition and killings; more recently child-abuse..
Harry Tenholter