The Rights of the Earth


Why the Rights of the Earth? We talk of the Rights of Man, Animal Rights, etc, but no mention is made of Mother Earth herself. The current situation is almost hopeless. The earth’s population is growing in leaps and bounds, whilst employment provision is shrinking. People are replaced, or driven out, by technology. Violence and fear are everywhere. A great deal is going wrong in the world. Legal provisions are no longer keeping pace with the turbulent developments in society.

Previous certainties have become doubtful. The vacuum thus created is filled by violence, criminality, discrimination and the destruction of the world without considering the rights of the Earth, Man or Animal. In future, we must reconsider the question of how to continue our path.


The Moses Mystery

Harry Tenholter


Journalist Richard de Winter is sent to Egypt by shadowy financier Sir Charles Mills, to make enquiries about natural gas discoveries. Whilst on a journey through the desert, he comes across a number of clay tablets. He takes a few with him and is put in touch with an Egyptologist, Professor van Cleve, who undertakes to translate the tablets. It turns out to be a record of events in 1240 BC, by Princess Tharbis, the first wife of Moses, who was a black Ethiopian. The contents of the tablets are of tremendous political significance because they throw a completely new light on Moses and the history of the Jewish people


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Het Mozes Mysterie