Early morning thinking

The speechwriter for Barack Hussein Obama is Michelle Obama. She showed her hand in her recent speeches. Michelle has the fantasy and the vision and the ideal. She is the puppet master behind good old Barack, who as it so happens is not good at all but a willing tool in the hands of the 1 %.

The problem of the black man is not the white man but the other black man. You can make a list of all the tribes that hate other tribes to the point of slashing of the other man’s arm....

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Serious measures

The right to possess and carry arms has been confirmed in the Second Amendment. However, it needs to be remembered that the wording of this Amendment explicitly points in the direction of militias and defence of the realm. So, it is questionable whether the scope of the Amendment encompasses the 4 or 5 semi-automatic weapons now in the possession of many  average US family.

In any case, the right to carry arms has become part of  the DNA of your average American. Apart from...

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Harry Tenholter