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Early morning thinking

The speechwriter for Barack Hussein Obama is Michelle Obama. She showed her hand in her recent speeches. Michelle has the fantasy and the vision and the ideal. She is the puppet master behind good old Barack, who as it so happens is not good at all but a willing tool in the hands of the 1 %.

The problem of the black man is not the white man but the other black man. You can make a list of all the tribes that hate other tribes to the point of slashing of the other man’s arm. The most recent really burning example is Sudan. First, we saw North Sudan against South Sudan and now after the separation South Sudan against South Sudan.

The problem of the western Christian, really out of church but still with Christian DNA, is that he has become soft and mellow and frightful. We do not dare call a black man a black man. We pretend that that is impolite. That is why the black man gets confused and even farther of the mark.

The Dutch white man shows in the black Peter story clearly his weakness. We the Dutch are exemplary for the white man. When our (?) country Surinam would become independent one black man no longer trusted the other black man. They decided to flee to the Netherlands. Only the extremely poor and the very brave stayed on. Several hundred thousands of them came to Amsterdam. Our Government provided money and housing.

The newcomers tell us that we are bound to change our existing society and our historic customs, especially Black Peter who walks with Santa Claus. What is our general response? We keep mum or we hesitate. We now even consider a chimney peter, a colour peter. We dare not, we are not able to say: “Hey, you came here by yourself. We did not bring you here against your will. You came here because you felt here more safe than over there. You came to an existing land with a long history and a culture. It is not right that you demand that we change. You yourself adopt, adapt improve or else; you are free to go back to where you came from. If you do not like it here, then go back, you are free to do so. But do not tell us how we should live.”

We have our history, full of blunders like everyone’s else’s history, but still.


Harry Tenholter