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Serious measures

The right to possess and carry arms has been confirmed in the Second Amendment. However, it needs to be remembered that the wording of this Amendment explicitly points in the direction of militias and defence of the realm. So, it is questionable whether the scope of the Amendment encompasses the 4 or 5 semi-automatic weapons now in the possession of many  average US family.

In any case, the right to carry arms has become part of  the DNA of your average American. Apart from that, the sheer number of weapons currently in circulation will ensure that decisions aiming to ban arms from the general public will not be successful. It will be impossible to collect all legal weapons, not to mention the huge number illegal weapons in circulation. The fact  that Americans want to possess arms to defend their families and their country in itself can be applied usefully to the situation in the schools in which children and young people are being  educated. In the present situation, everybody knows that the school director and the teachers are not armed, so any person who walks in with a sidearm can cause havoc and death.

One might consider another scenario in which there will always be armed teachers or directors or gardeners or cleaners on the premises. One might consider to foster training in the use of arms for teachers and other personal in schools, colleges and universities. Some people say that with such a measure  more weapons will be brought into society. However, taking into account that the weapons will never disappear from the scene it seems better to swim with the tide and to make good use of the tendency for defence confirmed in the wording of the Second Amendment. This seems a natural part of the true American spirit. So one could organise training in the use of arms for the staff of all schools and educational institutions  who are interested in actively defending the children and young people in their care. The fact in itself that it will be known that there are weapons in the school and trained staff on the premises will be a deterrent for the criminals or psychopaths who consider attacking the school and their occupants. It will of course not prevent every attack on a school. There may always be psychopaths who do not hesitate to shoot  children and young people. But it will prevent many more and numerous casualties as the first shot will alarm all the teachers and other personnel with arms. They are now helpless and defenceless. Now they can only try to hide the pupils. Make ‘shooting for safety’ a sport. So organise shooting contests and give specific training in military compounds and set up competitions in districts for interested teachers and other school personnel. The plan under consideration to have  an armed guard in every school will not be effective. The attacker knows that there is one armed guard he has to put down before he can attack the children.

In this ‘Serious Measure’s plan as outlined above he has to face a variety of many unknown defenders and he cannot be sure who the defenders are and where they are at any given moment. There will be no or little extra costs because the staff is already in place and the costs of their shooting instruction may be borne by the national guard in the district or the ministry of defence. Develop a PR plan to get them under way and organised. They will be heroes when they succeed in defending the children and students entrusted in their care.

Harry Tenholter